A dynamic "S" full of supportive strength: the spinal column

We have specialised on treating the entire range of illnesses relating to the cervical spine, thoracic vertebral column as well as lumbar spine according to the most up-to-date and gentliest minimally invasive and microsurgical therapeutic methods.

Herniated disks, narrowing of the vertebral canal (spinal stenosis), instabilities and fractures of the spinal column - only to mention some of the illnesses focussed on. We make use of endoscopic as well as microsurgical methods for surgical treatment of herniated disks, gentle implantation techniques for implanting artificial intervertebral disks for the cervical and lumbar spine and state-of-the-arte technologies to stabilise the spinal column.

A great variety of non-surgical diagnostic and therapeutic methods serve to back or replace modern surgerical approaches.

As one of the basic principles of the department for Spinal Column Therapy we always take our time to develop an individual diagnostic and therapeutic conception together with our patients in advance of treatment start.