"As far as my feet will carry me ..."

It can be assumed that a human being covers more than 100 000 kilometres during their lifetime, mobility being decisively influenced by feet health. Injuries at sports activities, on the job or in daily life, inborn or acquired malpositions and/or system diseases like rheumatism or diabetes mellitus may severly impair the healthy condition and thus lead to immobility. Furthermore, disturbances in the area of the feet or ankle joints often involve discomfort arising in other joints as well, e.g. the knee or hip joints, the sacroiliac joint or the zygoapophyseal joints.

It is our objective to maintain or restore our patients' mobility by applying the most up-to-date examination and treatment methods. Specialisation enables for large operative and conservative case rates, which form the optimum prerequisite for achieving and maintaining a high quality standard via extensive experience.

By actively participating in scientific groups of experts we are regularly represented at national as well as international expert conferences and thus always able to feel the "pulse of knowledge". As vice chair of the German Association Feet and Ankle Joints - Deutsche Assoziation für Fuß- und Sprunggelenk e.V. (D.A.F. e.V.) - and as associate editor of the German journal concerning feet and ankle joints - Zeitschrift für Fuß- und Sprunggelenk - Dr. Thomas is always in close contact with other experts.

An extensive service portfolio

At our clinic, you can profit from the entire range of feet and ankle joint surgery including the placement of artificial joints and non-surgical measures, these comprising initial interventions as well as relapse and complex surgeries.

By closely cooperating with firms leading the medical engineering market we can dispose of state-of-the-art tools and implants which we help developing or develop ourselves in part. Thus, we are able to almost exclusively make use of best-quality titanium screws and plates or bio-absorbable (self-dissolving) screws.

Cooperating with the other Hessingpark Clinic departments (Nursing Care, Physiotherapy, Anaesthesia) we do our best to put our patients back to their feet as carefully and quickly as possible. Usually, we already succeed in doing so during short-term hospitalisation.