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To make things most convenient for you, we off er you the option of having your concerns and requests handled by our Clinic Agent. She collates all the necessary information and coordinates it with our experts. Our service also includes on-site support and enables you to communicate all personal concerns and questions in an uncomplicated manner.

Even before you arrive, our Clinic Agent will take care of all the necessary steps, such as forwarding any existing fi ndings, referring you to the relevant specialists at the Hessingpark- Clinic, scheduling a video call and providing a free initial assessment. Cost estimates are then agreed and appointments for physiotherapy and rehabilitation are made as soon as they are confi rmed. Only the organization of any necessary visas and travel bookings, such as fl ights and hotel, are in your hand.

Our Clinic Agent: Elisabeth Tornow

  • Phone: +49-(0)176 4554 9794
  • E-Mail:

Welcome in Augsburg

Augsburg, with its two-thousand-year history, is one of Germany‘s oldest cities. Since 2019, it has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its historic water management system. Located just outside Munich, the city captivates visitors with beautiful historical landmarks such as the Fuggerei and the renowned Marionette Theater „Die Puppenkiste.“ The Augsburg Zoo, boasting over 1500 animals and interactive feedings, is also a fascinating attraction.

In the Old Town, diverse architectural styles showcase various historical periods. Numerous museums, events and venues provide opportunities to combine a visit to the Hessingpark Clinic with a relaxing vacation for the whole family.

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