Daniel Wagner, M.D.

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Sports injuries, knee and shoulder surgery, prosthesis for kneecap, chirotherapy


University Eberhard-Karls-University, Tübingen
Medical assistant Orthopaedics and Traumatolgy at Sports Clinic Stuttgart
  Sports Medicine at University Hospital Tübingen
Senior doctor Sports Clinic Stuttgart
Since 2016 Hessingpark-Clinic, Augsburg

Special qualification

Instructor of the knee patellofemoral committee of the Arthroscopy Working Group (AGA)

Further experiences

Orthopaedic supervisor of the Olympia Camp Stuttgart

Orthopedist of the Ski Alpin Association

Orthopedist of the Gymnastics Association (Württemberg)

Part of the Medical Team of the German Gymnastics Association

Leading medical doctor Volleyball World Championship 2002, Track Bike World Championship 2003, Gymnastics World Championship 2007, Road Bike World Championship 2007, Indoor Bike World Championship 2011, Rhythmic Sports Gymnastics World Championship 2015